New Comic week

Hello all this week I will be picking a few comics that came out and giving my review on them, how ever that will be tomorrow as I have no money or any way of getting them, if you want one reviewed please let me know


So I am out of work for the next 8 weeks and need something to do, so I was thinking would people read my reviews on comics? give me some feed back here please

My Heed Story

So back in 2000 something I was flipping through the channels and came to MTV during my sleepless night, now many people know that MTV does not play music until like 4 am to 6 am. While on this channel for a few seconds I heard a wonderful guitar beat and a very high pitched voice singing, I looked at my TV and saw this guy with wild crazy curly hair and snake bites sitting on a roof asking what he did to deserve this? Come to Find out the band was none other then Coheed and Cambria and the song was Blood Red Summer, I made a mental note to check them out when I got home from work. This never happened because I forgot :(.

So 2006 rolled around and my singer in the band I was playing in goes to me, ‘Dude check out this band.’ He popped in an album with a red IV on it turned it on and started rocking out, I fell in love with the skill from the band and the lyrics. But something was nagging me in the back of my head, it sounded similar, so I turned it down and asked him who it was, he told me Coheed and Cambria and handed me a copy. This is when my true love started for this band, I had just got into the college I wanted to but was scared to death to move.

After I moved up to Potsdam the first thing I did was set up my sound system in my dorm and put on Good Apollo IV volume one. As I finished unpacking up my neighbor came over and was introduced himself by asking if I had Coheed’s 1st album. He later became a really close friend and a strong support for me when I started heading into a troubled 1st year at college. Coheed also played a huge part in my swimming, during college I hurt my arm and needed some strong lyrics and music behind my will power and Coheed did that, with In Keeping Secrets which I had picked up at a record store up in Potsdam, all the way to Good Apollo Volume 1.

In the more recent event that Coheed helped me was in 2010 I was out of work for four months due to a work related injury. During this time I re-feel in love with Second Stage Turbine Blades, and the power behind it. Hearing the heart and soul of the band was poured into that album with extra for there fans. This was also when I read Year Of The Black Rainbow which I felt was a part of Claudio more then anything he has done. I was also able to go down to see Coheed play the free show at the NYS fair, where I got to meet some of the children of the fence, The children are what really helped me through the rough time of not having the job to work.

All and All Coheed helped me through some major changes in my life as well as some deeper more darker things that I may post later. I want to thank the band, the fellow children of the fence, and the music that they create.

Wow its been a fail on my end to post on here lol

anyway not a lot going on in the life of Erich other then working lots of hours and thats about it. There is some cool stuff that has gone down like I got the Coheed SSTB bundle :) and I do hope I get to meet them. I am cant wait for April to see all my friends and meet new ones at the show and to see the city once again.

As many of you know or for the ones who dont my arm is totally messed up and causing my back and neck to lock up a lot which is stopping me from doing a lot of the stuff I used to be able to do, how ever I did go back to the doctors on Monday the 21st and they referred me to the nero doctor again so I go see him on Friday, I post hopefully Friday about that outcome :)

The final thing I want to talk about is people at my work. I cant really go into detail all I can say is that if you claim to be grown up and mature then act that way, don’t be a whiny and don’t target people who have nothing to do with anything.

Well that’s about it :) have a great day everyone :)

Something I feel I should post

Hello everyone how are you?

that’s good here is a little heads up on what this website is going to be for me anyway.

I have always wanted a blog to vent into about how things bug me, or cool news, or even just random facts that I find really cool, that is what I plan on using Tumblr for.

Just a disclaimer everything I post in here is my view and I am not forcing them upon you in any way that being said I always welcome people to post replies and I will try to get back to them and talk to you I like learning other peoples views.

I am going to try and post every day but between work and all the stuff I do (who am I kidding don’t do would be better :P) I am not sure how well that will work out, also please bear with me as I am new to this site and still learning :)

have a good day